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It has come to our attention that our tenant moved her boyfriend into our property several months ago without telling us. Should we be asking to add this tenant to her agreement? Or maybe start a new agreement? My concern is that on another property a similar thing happened we did nothing and then the lead tenant left without telling us. We were left with no way of finding the original tenant to serve notice, months of rent arrears and somebody living in the property with no agreement who refused to leave. It was resolved in the end but at great cost to us so I would rather not end up in this same situation again.

To ad a little more context to our current situation the new boyfriend came to our attention whilst a new boiler was being fitted to the property. He quite aggressively demanded the gas fitter should fit a new shower as he wanted it and told him to bill us for it. Thankfully the fitter declined to do so without our prior permission but it has left me a little concerned about the current situation.

11/09/2017 12:01

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