should I serve notice on landlord of neighbouring property?

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Hi I am a landlord myself but this situation regards a problem with the tenanted property next door to where I live. I would be grateful for any advice (other than get a solicitor's letter).
The property next door has overgrown trees rooted on their side of the boundary, the growth has reached the walls of my house, has affected maintenance and is impeding my access at the side of my property. I do not have the name and address of the owners of the property (who live in France, though they lived at the property around 5 years ago I believe), but have the contact for their agents.
I phoned the agent in June originally and saw one of them at checkout of their last tenants in July. plus I have written twice now to the agents, latterly giving them notice to have the work done to allow my access I am having workmen who need access to the rear of the property on 4 October. The branches/ tree cannot be cut at the boundary as they are too high to reach at this point as they extend upwards from their side of the boundary. I have each time suggested the agent visit to see the problem - they do not agree to come. I have also asked the agent (twice) for the names and contact address of the landlord so that I can contact them directly - they quote 'confidentiality'. The agent says they wont be doing anything until the winter, and then wont say what as 'have to consult with landlord'.
I understand (from CAB) that the agent has no legal obligation to me; only the landlords.
I have previously work from my side of the boundary at my own expense (huge trees - couldnt get my gutter repaired as trees in way), but now have had enough. I want to say if the agent/landlord won't have the work done I will have to have it done and send them the bill... ultimately threaten to take the landlord to small claims court? But of course to do so I would need their name and address, and give evidence have tried to resolve with them. I think the agent cannot be forwarding my correspondence (which was addressed to agent, although they use the story that they need to get agreement from the lnadlord. I hear I can use land registry to get the name of the owner but it wouldn't have current address. I tried council to no avail. (both for tree problem - they don't have TPOs they're just self sewn, and dont impinge on highway; and for name of landlord etc - no: 'confidentiality'). I also asked current tenants (as assume they must have it on their tenancy agreement) but they just referred me back to agents.
Any ideas would be gratefully received? (I have no wish to dispute with the landlords and after all I don't even know if the agent is referring to them about it)

14/09/2017 23:23

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This topic has been locked as no posts have been made within the last 90 days.
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