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Heads up about an Energy perk for LL's

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Hello colleagues.
In June I contacted EON as per when tenants vacated & I swap the Energy Account into my name until new tnts move in. Imagine my surprise when the operative took my readings for Gas & Electric saying I as Landlord could have 30 days free energy.
No, I said. Yes, he said.
Did all the refurb, workers had loads of power tools/equipment plugged in, etc. True to their word for 30 days, the whole kit & caboodle use of energy was at a Landlord Rate of Zero, the bill declared when it came. The catch was that I needed to call giving name/s of new tenant taking over responsibility for the Energy Account. No problem I said, because that's part of the induction my presence. I speak to EON, then pass over the tnt to provide their bank dets for the pcm DD. I DO tell them to surf the net for cheaper-in reality they just go with the flow.

For those LL's doing major refurbs it's v useful to have 30 days free energy starting from the end date of the AST.
I was asked could I provide proof of the end of the AST if required & of course I concurred. That wasn't required. I reckon I saved £150.00 in energy use. Workman seem to each need a radio blaring away..and I suspect they also bring re-chargable power tools in from elsewhere to charge up overnight!

Whoever gives LL's ANYTHING foc..except free headaches & heartaches!
Well EON did.

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17/09/2017 20:20

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This topic has been locked as no posts have been made within the last 90 days.
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