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Permitted occupier without written permission?

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nicest landlord
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I have 2 houses where the single adult tenant now has a partner living with them, probably long term. In both cases the ast is in the sole name of the original tenant. Both tenancies are periodic.

Please colleagues remind me of my options and risks?

In one house I would be reluctant to issue a new ast because I have the old style S21 sat nicely in my file ready for a swift eviction if this excellent tenant deteriorates.

In the other house the tenant does not want a new ast because she wants the flexibility of a periodic tenancy...

In both cases I am perfectly happy with the tenants and with the new partners who seem decent enough although of probably lower credit standing. One is a European immigrant and I have done the right to rent check on him.

I have never taken money from either newcomer and have told them both (probably wrongly) that they are merely guests and have no rights other than through the tenant...

In either case if the tenant disappeared leaving me with the newcomer I would evict through the ast in the departed person's name and get bailiffs to clear out any remainers (not in a political sense!)....

19/09/2017 08:55

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This topic has been locked as no posts have been made within the last 90 days.
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