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One of my tenants admitted herself to a nursing home 2 weeks ago due to ill health. She had just signed a new tenancy agreement in April for a rent increase so technically has 5 months to go on contract.Am I correct?
Her son rang and gave notice last week and I have said it was ok to give one months notice (she has been great tenant and I do not realy wish to fall out with anyone and would like the correct adviced incase this situation crops up again) and if he so wished we could use the bond that we had to pay for this last months rent. He is not happy and said because his mother is sick he should be able to give immediate notice and does not think I am correct in what I have said.
He has rung this morning and said I can have the keys back today so I need to get my head around this quickly.

a. Does the tenant have to give one months notice on the day the monthly rent is paid or can they give one months notice at anytime of the month?
b. Am I correct in asking for one months notice in any situation?

c. With rent being paid by the benefits dept to the lady in question will they still pay the extra month to her or her family?

d. What would you advise I put down in writing regarding paying a months rent in leiu of proper notice so that the family can show the Council they have to pay another months rent

thank you

15/05/2007 00:00

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This topic has been locked as no posts have been made within the last 90 days.
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