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I'll keep it short.

One of my longest serving tenants(70 years old), 20 years, has finally been allocated a council property, a new one, because she has had major heart surgery (note this all came about because she has spent all her life morbidly obese - self inflicted, and she admits that).

Anyway, three months ago she tells me of the property allocation and that it is being built, Good news I say to her, and then I explain that when the time comes I will need proper and due notice, not just "I'm off". I explained, calmly and politely, that the council will flick her the keys and stop paying the housing benefit (well she only gets 50% anyway, as her daughter lives with her).

So, Friday she says "I'm off"....I then text to say, ok, but your notice will be accepted as a month from the 20th September as that's your rent date and she should make sure her rent is paid on the 20th.

Nothing more back from her.

I'm at the flats yesterday and see her daughter and daughter in law (she an obnoxious woman) and suddenly I'm being told that my tenant has been good to me, by the daughter in law. I then say that by giving her mother in law £200 a month off for 20 years, I have also been good to her. To which the DIL gets verbally abusive ..

So no rent was received yesterday. Of course it never was going to come.

I am going to write to her and inform her that notice was accepted on the 20th and that a months rent is due, however, on this one occasion should I consider being lenient as I've had my rent , on time for 20 years?

I'm in charge of this, as what is due is due, and I could push via courts for it .. I know that, but I'm looking at the "she's been with me for 20 years and never caused me a moments problem".


21/09/2017 08:41

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This topic has been locked as no posts have been made within the last 90 days.
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