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Hello Everyone

Just wanted to ask if anyone can recommend an electronic signing provider, i find it a lot easier than paper printing for AST's etc.., most letting agents use this style now. I have looked at a company called Signable but what i didn't like is that if you have multiple tenants that you are sending AST or other relating docs to check and sign, they will not all receive the email with link to attached docs at the same time, they will receive them in the order you set on signable webpage. Meaning if you have a group of 4 sharers all on one joint AST and you send all 4 a link to AST to sign, they won't receive link all at the same time, they will one at a time, and in the order you chose when you insert their details on Signable website, and the following person won't receive email with link until the previous person has viewed and signed their docs. I found this a bit strange as you would want all tenants to check and sign in their own time. I would Appreciate any advice. Best

21/09/2017 18:32

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