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Good afternoon, I used to manage a property which the tenant and landlord agreed a mutual termination. the property was then put on the market for sale. At the property was not selling the landlord re approached me to get it tenanted which I did and believed the landlord had taken the property of the sale market. The new tenant upon viewing and applying for the property specifically asked if she took tenancy would the for sale sign be removed and off the market to which I stated yes as this is what I believed.
It now transpires the property has not been taken of the market and the landlord has a potential buyer. the tenant only being in the property 2 months is now finding herself in a very difficult situation as the new buyer does not want a sitting tenant. I feel very responsible for this as I know the young lady (tenant) would not have signed a tenancy if she had known the house was still for sale. Is there anything the tenant can do ? under the unfair terms.

25/09/2017 13:41

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