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I went to Court last week and got a section 8 possession order to take effect on 6 October at 4pm. I also got judgement for rent arrears of £2200 plus £355 fees.

The District Judge QC was very complimentary about how I presented my case and the paperwork I provided, so thank you RLA I just followed the procedure as outlined in the guide.

This woman only paid the first months rent, she was deliberately out to defraud me on my rent. She has a job and I know where she works. I don't expect she will leave on 6th October and I will need to get the bailiffs in. My questions are

1) Will the County Court bailiff also try and make recovery of my damages, maybe by an attachment of earnings order.

2)Should I consider getting the matter transferred to the High Court? also when can I do this now? or do I need to wait until after 6th October.

3) I have read that the High Court is reluctant in recent times to allow the transfer from County Court to high Court pro possession cases unless it involves trespass or squatters.

4)Or do I need to use the County Court now to evict, and then the High Cour as an accelerated way of trying to recover my damages.

5) I assume I will need to get a further CCJ to recover any damage, cleaning, and replacement locks if she fails to hand in keys and leave in tidy condition.

The tenant is not only abusing me financially but also in how she is looking after my property, as she is working I think I may have a chance of getting my money over time, if I use the High Court.

I look forward to hearing from you.



28/09/2017 11:01

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This topic has been locked as no posts have been made within the last 90 days.
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