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Hi, I have let a property to a couple through a finders fee local estate agency for a 6 month period with all the relevant credit checks done. The tenants wanted to move in a week after the credit checks had been done and were very keen to get into the property. The first month's rent due to me was paid 3 days late with the tenant explaining that money he was expecting hadn't been received by him, I said this was fine, but made it clear that the expected payment date for future payments was 3 days earlier as per the tenancy agreement. This month they are now 7 days late, with the money still yet to arrive and have said that they want to pay 7 days late each month to coincide with their new payroll date. I have said that it is fine to change the payment date but they must pay 7 days rent in addition to the monthly rent or they will always be 7 days in arrears. I have received no response to this. If I don't receive the rent today, I will try calling them tomorrow and then follow up with a letter. Is this the correct course of action? Thanks.

28/09/2017 14:02

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This topic has been locked as no posts have been made within the last 90 days.
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