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I have made claim, for the first time, using Moneyclaimsonline for the outstanding rent due on 17 September 2017 (for the whole monthly period). The claim has been made on 02/09/2017 and issued by the court on 03/09/2017 - very quick to my surprise! Time to reply expires on 22/09/2017.

If the tenant does not make the outstanding payment by 16 October 2017, but decides to make the rent payment on 17 October 2017 (ie the next rent payment day):

What will be the view of the court? Will the court consider the payment as that of the outstanding one or the current one?

In the scenerio, the tenant might want to claim that by making the payment on 17/10/2017 - they have cleared off the outstanding rent (rather than for the new period) amount claimed via Moneyclaimsonline.

04/10/2017 20:45

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