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I have a small terraced property which has been let to a great tenant for almost four years now.
My difficulty is that the houses either side have allowed rubbish, furniture, timber and all types of waste to accumulate in the front garden for almost 2 years now to the point where non of the garden is visible at all. It is piled up at least 3 foot high. The other neighbour seems to be using his front garden as a builders yard and there are old fridges, bricks and trailers etc completely covering the front garden.

These are only small front yard type gardens and there is no rear garden at all.

Understandably my tenant is talking about moving and there is no way I will re rent the house with the neighbours gardens like they are.

What can I do? Both neighbouring houses are rented but the landlord does not seem to car either.


09/10/2017 20:13

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