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We have a 2 bed flat which has a Tenancy with 2 names on it, but at a recent inspection visit, it appears that a 3rd person is living there (the boyfriend of 1 of the tenants), based on amount of clothes/property in the flat. The 2 tenants deny the 3rd is living there. The Tenancy states that they can't sub-lease, but obviously they are allowed visitors/guests from time to time.

Are we OK to take this at face value, and just remind tenants in writing that only 2 people are allowed to live there full-time, or is there something more formal we should be doing? (obviously, without stalking them, we do not know for sure how much time the 3rd person spends there).

We don't want to run into HMO issues

18/10/2017 08:28

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