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I have a house with a drain that does not drain very well. The problem is draining me...and my excellent tenants.

The drain is behind the house for kitchen sink and down pipe only (not foul which is on other side of the house).

The drain appears to run into our back garden from the house on one side, run through our garden then into the next garden along, so in some sense it is shared.

The neighbour 2 doors down says he has to plunge his drain a couple of times every year. The problem has got worse. I supplied my tenant with a plunger but they are now struggling to keep up with the overflows into the back garden (nicely landscaped by tenant).

Is it worth pursuing the water company? Is really worth me digging it all up given the blockage could be in someone else' garden?

All ideas welcome....

20/10/2017 11:48

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