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I have a property which I have been letting to a couple for about 2 years now with no issues. About a month ago I had a message to say that they were splitting up and the man was moving out but the lady was going to continue living in the property until end of the fixed tenancy on 1st November. She has now messaged me saying she wants to have a new 6 month fixed term tenancy (from November) but just in her name this time. Therefore I am going to do a property inspection before the new tenancy and then give them both there deposit back and then get just her to send me a new deposit and get just her to take out the new tenancy.

My questions are the following;
- is the above the correct thing to do
- who do I pay the original deposit back to (providing nothing is broken) ? This is because if I pay it back to her bank then she may keep it and then I will have him ringing me asking where it is and the same if I pay it back to him.




21/10/2017 21:15

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