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Just received a complaint from a tenant in one of our small HMOs. 3 tenants in total, 2 of which are student friends. the 3rd, complainant, is a professional.

No other issue between tenants up until last week. The 2 student tenants were partying, invited other friends around to the property and all were partaking in the use of Class A and Class B drugs and loud music. Neighbours also came round to complain.

Now am i right in thinking the next best step would be to make contact with ALL tenants to relay a "complaint" from neighbour and imply they had witnessed drug use and loud music and to refrain from now on?

Should i get the police involved?

Bit of scaremongering maybe? (Think of the detrimental effect on your careers etc)

All advice and thoughts appreciated!

23/10/2017 15:09

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