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1) I had taken protection with DepositGuard for a tenant in a property. That tenancy ended some years ago and the tenant received his deposit monies back with no dispute on either side. I did not apply to either renew or end deposit protection for this tenant as I assumed it would automatically expire after the term of the tenancy unless I renewed it. However, when I went on to the site to register 2 new deposits relating to that address for protection, it is still coming up in the name of the ex-tenant as being protected as opposed to expired.

2) I now have 2 separate tenants in the property whose deposits I wish to secure separately with DepositGuard. When I attempted to do so a number appeared for the tenant with no provision to give the tenant's name. I don't want to proceed in case this number was already allocated to the ex tenant in the property who is long gone and I am unable to edit or change this number in any way.

23/10/2017 16:44

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