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I have a house within which 4 bedrooms are let separately to 4 tenants, together with access to the common parts.
A new tenant took up residence in March with a 6 month tenancy agreement. After 3 months in the property each of the other 3 tenants, individually and collectively, complained to me about the tenant's unsociable behaviour (loud noise, monopolising washer-dryer, kitchen etc.). I took the view that it would be simpler to wait until the end of the tenancy rather than try and evict her. I issued her with a Section 21 notice in August for her to leave on 9th October. This has been met with protests that she can't find anywhere else to move to together, claims that I am trying to force her out and an increase in hostility directed towards the other tenants, all of whom are complaining to me and wanting to know when she will be gone. Please can you advise how I should now proceed with action to remove her from the property.

30/10/2017 11:57

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