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I am in possession of a letter from Housing Benefit which was sent to my tenant. They (a) want to reduce the HB and (b) are saying I am breaking the law on the Multiple Occupation issue. Tenant has been advised to get legal advice!

I have a flat which is rented by two separate individuals. They each have a room and share bathroom/kitchen. They each have a tenancy agreement but the TA states that bills (council tax, water rates, TV licence and electic) are over and above rent and they have to pay these equally one person has taken responsibility for paying these with the other one giving him a monthly amount. Please note before this new tenant moved in this worked well with no probs.

I have read up and it appears that this is not an HMO but the rules ae a bit complicated. it states that there should be three or more separate households, also that they should not share any facilities in other wrds they only live in part of the house. so its bit difficult. I have not applied for any kind of license as it appears I don't have to.

Furthermore because it is not (apparently) HMO I have not takenresponisibilty for the ouncil tax either. By the way the rents are not expensive and whne deciding on the level I have taken into account that the Council tax has be be paid.

Finally although the tenacy agreement states úrent+bills BUT Benefit office has told tenant he doesn't have to pay ANY of the bills, thus they are going to assess the rent on this which will reduce it by 25%.

Hope you all can help and a quick reply on all or part would be gratefully received regards Marie

11/05/2008 00:00

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This topic has been locked as no posts have been made within the last 90 days.
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