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One joint tenant has left property

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2 Bed Flat, London UK, let on AST 6 month term starting July 2017. RLA contract provided, Deposit protected in time and PI served.
Property was let to a woman and her young child with her male cousin as joint tenant. TBH I had my suspicions about the reality of the cousin living at the property and did think he had been drafted in to boost household income for referencing purposes. Dad of child very much on the scene providing childcare but not living at property and apparently still lives with parents.
I just spoke to lead tenant as I was looking at renewing my Rent Guarantee insurance and she told me the cousin left several months ago and will not be returning as they fell out.
Obviously this means I cannot get any kind of rent guarantee policy ( yes I know, many of you don't think they are worth it anyway) but how do I proceed with the situation now?
Rent has been paid promptly every month, flat is kept nicely and somewhat grouchy downstairs neighbour is 100% happy with occupants so I don't actually want to end the tenancy.
Presumably 4 months into a 6 month AST there is not much I can do....or do I need to issue a section 21 to end the current tenancy formally.
I presume I will then need to form a new tenancy in January with just the single tenant named....should I push for Dad to be Guarantor at least?
And the deposit! Lead tenant transferred that in total but of course second tenant is named on all documents so I need to get DPS to return deposit and then register it all again with PI etc etc
Any advice most welcome.

08/11/2017 16:48

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This topic has been locked as no posts have been made within the last 90 days.
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