Vent system or insulated board for mould and damp ?

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Just wondering if anyone has any experience of Enviro-vent systems for getting rid of mould/condensation and whether it actually works ?
We have a very old house approx 150 years old, converted into 3 flats. It has been empty and being renovated for about a year and it is now finished and tenanted. All was well but as soon as the cold weather came the ground floor flat has condensation/mould issues on the outsude walls in the bedrooms. I've cleaned the mould up and given the tenants a dehumidifier which seems to be holding things at bay.
Ive had 2 ''damp men' in to have a look. Both have diagnosed the same issue which is cold external walls and lack of ventilation but have suggested different remedies. One says to knock the plasterback to brick, redo with insulated plaster board and install a good powerful extractor fan. The other says to install an Enviro vent system.
Both say their remedy will work and quotes are similar amounts but I'm unsure which to go for.
Any experiences / advice would be appreciated. Thank you.

08/11/2017 18:01

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