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I have a tenant sharing a house with four other tenants.They are all on one contract for 12 months. The contract started on 1/7/17.
This tenant, has not paid me rent for the past two months. She owes me rent for October and November. The total amount owed is £640.
I'm concerned about this tenant as she's promised to pay one month, saying that she's come into some money, but has not paid anything yet.She has also mentioned that she has personal problems.
Am I allowed to inform the other tenants that she hasn't paid rent for two months, or would this be considered harassment or breaking confidentiality laws? It is within their interests as they will be liable to pay from their deposits if she fails to come up with rent.
She has already been to the Citizens Advice, so I know that I need to be careful with my correspondence with her.
I would appreciate some advice?
Yours sincerely


10/11/2017 11:45

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