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Iím the MD of a right to manage company. I have a particular issue with one of the tenants who invites several of his friends round smoking cannabis in the hallway, leaving the communal doors open and putting furniture in the hallway which then has to be disposed of. I get several complaints frequently from the other residents which is driving me mad.

Iíve raised these issues with the lady who owns this particular flat however Iím getting negligible if any cooperation from her.

Iím really stuck because I donít own the flat. I was thinking of starting off by highlighting the illegality of smoking in a shared area as according to the RLA guidelines, this contravenes the smoking ban (let alone that its cannabis !). Therefore taking legal action against the flat owner.

Is this likely to be a fruitful avenue to go down and if so any pointers ?


11/11/2017 16:50

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