Is new wife going to be lodger or tenant - what route did colleague LL choose?

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Hello colleagues. Scenario is that I've got a spacious 4 bed property ( 2 storeys] with 4 very long-term happy tnts [wp's, team players]. One guy marries an American gal who will need to sort her visa prior to arriving for the ceremony [ March 2018] & also her career/work prospects. Not likely to be an onerous problem given her English Uni qualifications in 'shortage' language subjects My tenant is a EU subject.
I presume his wife will assume his status as an EU citizen on marriage. The Brexit question won't affect either of them as they hold eminent qualifications. My tenant is a respected chemical engineer headhunted to work with leading captains of industry. No qualms about his earning power. His new wife aims to seek work in academia & will eventually qualify for educational bursaries. These are granted to those living in the UK for 3 years.She is two years short on that criteria.

My tnt has asked permission for his wife to live with him in this 4 bedded house which has 2 loos, 2 showers, one bath, a large kitchen, spacious lounge & massive outdoor spaces. So no problem with living space for 5 [ 4 households] or with overcrowding.

The fiancée is well-known to the housemates because of previous holidaying visits, so no problems fitting-in, although I've yet to formally ask their views/opinions/permission. The contract is currently in 'rolling- over' mode because of its long-term status. This could easily be re-jigged to incorporate the new arrangements if all is agreed. All is subject to 'Right to Rent' check of course. As I know of the gals previous background in England, I'm expecting that process to be a mere formality.

Just asking for thoughts on the extra costs that others charge for a spouse joining an HMO sharing a double with new hubby. I was considering adding to my tnts rent the cost of extra Energy usage, extra keys, plus a nominal charge for W&T. To date for this particular group of house-buddies, there has been not a shred of damage, or W&T, so perhaps I'll be as lucky with the addition of an untested 'spouse'
Then I'm asking also for your opinions on the categorisation of her as tenant, or as a lodger. I'm inclined to classify her as my tnts Lodger, NOT including her on the AST until she is earning a reliable salary, has established herself for NI purposes, obtains a UK bank account & can stand up to a credit-check. I'm loath to provide her with the protection of the AST, even if the current tnts do give their unreserved permission

I've used Lodger Agreements before when tnts have requested a familiar & mutual friend join a HMO for a limited period. This arrangement has worked well because of the quality of customer care afforded to every customer.
So your thoughts please on 'lodger, or tenant and views on what proportion of the tnts rent to charge for the extra person.
Rent pp includes; CT, Water, Tv Licence, SKY services,gardening services. Excludes gas,electric. One of the tnts is the Energy account holder, reading meters & collecting for the DD payment pcm. This tnt will be most anxious to discover who will be covering the 'spouses' use of energy & how that will happen.

I've discovered today that my tnt believes he won't get my permission for his wife to join the HMO next year & has been looking around for a one-bedder for them both. Thus far [according to my spies] he has been horrified by conditions seen in apartments in the £750 price bracket & by the big sums[ that he doesn't have] of money/fees that LAgts are demanding.

I can offer a combined pcm rent below that - which takes account of generic bills & the package of extra's I mention above. I'm sure that colleagues have faced the same issue, just wondering what folk did to keep all on an even keel for everyone in the mix.? Thanks in advance for your time & for your thoughts.

12/11/2017 05:49

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This topic has been locked as no posts have been made within the last 90 days.
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