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Offering Tenant A Bigger Property

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My 3 month tenant has asked to move her boyfriend in to her 1 bed house. She's on an AST and the tenancy was set up through an agent.

As an aside, she is my 2nd tenant through an agent and the process has reinforced my decision to not only manage the tenancy, as I do now, but to find my tenants in the future too. So steep learning curve, hence joining the RLA.

Back to this scenario. After meeting the boyfriend and doing the right to rent check, and an inspection of the property, I'm happy for him to move in. All good, and I've noted the need for care to not accept rent from him, as he is a permitted occupier.

But, here's the crux of my question. I am about to complete on a 2nd property, which is 2 beds and I'm minded to offer it to her - of course she may not want it - it'll be more rent, more council tax but has location, space and parking benefits. I'm wholly conscious of all the ramifications of new paperwork, transferring the deposit from the agent etc etc etc. But, I like her, her honestly and how she looks after the place.

I'm interested to know what seasoned Landlords would do in my place, i.e offer the 'better & bigger' property to a more 'known' quantity (i.e current tenant in the 1 bedder), though a lot of paperwork for me and tenant. Or leave things as they are and start 'a fresh' with finding the new tenant without an agent for the 2 bedder.

It's not an ideal time I know. Looking at availability in my area right now, there are fewer nice 1 bedders, but I think the 2 bedder will let well.

Interested to know thoughts and any potential pitfalls I may not have considered.

16/11/2017 23:19

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This topic has been locked as no posts have been made within the last 90 days.
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