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My husband and his business partner own a house which they let and which I take responsibility for (my husband and I own other properties so I look after all of them). A while ago I realised that our letting agent (who we used on a fully-managed basis) had put my name (only) as the landlord on the tenancy agreement, and not either of the legal owners. I brought it to their attention and they said they would rectify it and duly sent us a new tenancy agreement with the correct landlord details on. We have now left this agent having had numerous problems with them and it has become apparent that they had simply printed off a new front page for our benefit and that nothing was changed with the tenant.
The new agent was all set to arrange a new agreement with the tenant, but his contact number no longer works and he has not responded to their letters. When they knocked on the door someone else answered who says he now lives at the property with the tenant. He could not supply a contact number for himself or the tenant and the agent said he seemed "dodgy" (so much so that they are going to visit in twos from now on). To complicate things further there was originally a second tenant who moved out but of course is still on the original incorrect tenancy agreement. Our new agent says that this new person needs to move out or go on a new tenancy agreement (but there are costs to the tenant, credit checks etc which they unlikely to agree to) and failing that recommends that we serve notice. But can we do this if the legal owners are not the landlords on the tenancy agreement? (Two other details that may be relevant: 1- The rent has always been paid on time. 2- We have had a letter from the council a couple of months ago stating there have been complaints about loud music coming from the property - the previous agent says they wrote warning them about this). I would be very grateful for your advice please.

21/11/2017 07:56

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This topic has been locked as no posts have been made within the last 90 days.
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