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I have decided to replace the old UPVc frames in the living room and kitchen of my rental house. There are temants in residence.

The living room window is a BIG bay, and currently well cluttered with the tenant's stuff. The kitchen window is not so big, but this room is rather full of stuff.
I am still very much a newbie with being a landlady. Can anyone offer any advice on how to make sure this installation goes smoothly?
I was over there yeserday with the guy doing precise measuting for the fit, and I mentioned to the tenant that they would have to mover all their stuff, take down curtains, etc. I also said it would be a good idea to take deliate electrical stuff upstairs to protect from any dust. It's a big through living room.

I know my tenant is working from home and spent a lot of time telling me how busy she is, so I sense there is a bit of tension there. They DO want better windows, but it is pretty inconvenient for them too.

Any comments?

23/11/2017 09:07

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