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Smoke alarms/CO dectors

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I have a property (built 2010) I am about to rent out but have it fully managed for me due to location.

The agent came around, checked the property and then said we had to change the door locks in front and back door so they were on a thumb turn lock inside - I don't have an issue with that as the bigger issue was the door was unlockable unless you did it with a key and you can guess how many times someone left a key in the back so you couldn't get in!

The other was smoke alarms. We have them on every floor (3 storeys) they work very well as daughter who is partially deaf can hear them and they wake her up at night.

But the agent said that while we have a smoke alarm in the downstairs hall at the foot of the stairs , we also have to have one installed in the lounge room about 2 feet away and it must be hard wired into the system, not wi-fi/ battery.

I can't find anything in legislation that states this - in fact it says wired in or wi fi or battery acceptable and it has to be tested on the first day the tenancy agreement starts to make sure it is working after that it is the tenants responsibility to ensure they are working while they are in the property.

A family member works in the security industry which includes fire and access and he says he has not heard this and questions why it cannot be wireless or a standalone/battery but has to be wired in.

In addition we just had a new system put in a house and it is a combination of wired in and wireless RF smoke alarms.

The agent is insisting that it is wired in so if one goes off they all go off at the same time. His argument is if they are sitting in the lounge room they may not hear the alarm go off in the hallway 2 feet away from the sofa they are sitting on - or is he just being over cautious.

Anyone know Exactly what is the requirement?

24/11/2017 11:36

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This topic has been locked as no posts have been made within the last 90 days.
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