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rent arrears

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My tenant did not pay last months rent...i sent reminders but although receiving text and a call assuring me it would be paid .... nothing has been forth coming ...the next months rent is due in 4 days .....if no rent is paid then it is my intention to serve a section 8 ( he will then be two months overdue and i understand that is the earliest i can serve this)....can any one help with my queries as my experience in this field consists of reading on line procedures which at times seem to contradict... perhaps someone who has experienced in the process will be able to advise

  1. Is there any benefit of using a company to serve this or is it acceptable/ best to do this in person?
  2. it is my understanding that once this is served i must wait 14 days before filling forms County Court Forms N5 & N119?
  3. the most confusing advice seems to be about serving a section 21 with a section 8 .... some advice says that this cannot be served at the same time while others say serve at the same time ?

many thanks in advance for reading this post

24/11/2017 12:53

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This topic has been locked as no posts have been made within the last 90 days.
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