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(Names have been changed)

In July 2016 we let a flat to Betty and Susan, on a two year joint and several AST. There is a one year break clause which says that after 21 July 2017 either landlord or tenants may give not less than two months notice to end the agreement.

They have been exemplary and charming tenants.

On 13 October, Susan gave notice that she will leave on 8 January 2018. Betty wants to stay in the flat, and we are keen that she does so. She cannot afford the whole rent herself.

Susanís mother, Winn, is a guarantor of the rent.

Our agent has advised:

With regards to one tenant looking to leave, thatís absolutely fine along with your permission. The process for this would be as follows:
∑ For the new tenant to be found
∑ We would then set up the referencing for them, cost: £30
∑ Following your approval of this we would then draw up the Deed of Assignment for all tenants to sign and ask that they come into a branch to complete their right to rent (in the UK) checks, cost: £120

Our questions:

  1. Does the AST end just for Susan?
  2. Is Betty responsible for all the rent after Susan has gone?
  3. When is Winn released from her guarantee?

25/11/2017 11:18

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