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Hello colleagues.
Just a heads-up on the above. Potential investors have a year to buy a property in Salford a University City with several colleges & hospitals that serve HMO customers. Investors would benefit from reading para 3.6 of the LAs own consultation document.

The RLA has produced an overview of the surrounding Article 4 & produced a comprehensive judgement that chimes with my own view that I'll be contributing to the 'big discussion'.
Thank you again RLA for taking on board a national issue & providing 'telling' conclusions.

Reducing the availability of 'family lets' will surely exacerbate the shortage of affordable housing. There is mile-high regulation to reduce the ASB sometimes associated with HMOs. The LA supposes that ASB is confined to HMOs, so the number cannot increase & must therefore be restricted.

25/11/2017 13:03

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