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I have a married couple who have been tenants for over 3 years on a rolling agreement following a six months AST. They are less than perfect tenants in a house I wish I had never bought.

The Wife has said that they are separating and that the Husband has moved out. The local authority have stopped all benefits (neither worked) and the rent is now one month in arrears.

Mrs says the local authority have asked for brand new tenancy agreement in her name only n order to resume benefits payments. I am cautious of issuing a new agreement as this will make it harder to evict if she does not pay rent. In addition the guarantor was a friend of Mr and I doubt Mrs could find a guarantor of her own.


  1. Can the council insist on a fresh agreement?
  2. Could I ask Mr to sign something to say he is no longer living there?
  3. What is the best way forward?



02/12/2017 12:07

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