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I have come across a property that has a tenant in place and it is being sold by the receiver. The facts:
- unable to give any access to the property to prospective buyers (no survey then)
- the lender is not willing to serve (another) section 8 notice - they did not follow up one served in May since the buyer pulled out and now that are not being co-operative with buyers
- there is no signed copy of the AST that is claimed to have been signed. There is a Word document that purports to be the draft used.
- the estate agent did get some pictures quickly inside suggesting it in a good state of repair with high quality and modern flooring, wallcovering, curtains, etc
- The LPA Receiver phoned me and said that the lender is a peer to peer bridging lender, the owner did a runner, having rented the property in contravention of the terms of the agreement

Obviously the advice is "run in the opposite direction" but there is a 20% discount on the 2015 sale price (as per the land registry, showing the owner who defaulted).

I am thinking that section 8 again on non-payment of rent alongside some negotiating personally with the tenant, if he will talk.

04/12/2017 17:44

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This topic has been locked as no posts have been made within the last 90 days.
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