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I bought a property at Auction July 2017
Tenant refused access to view prior to auction
A letter was read out at the auction from Councils environment office stating urgent works needed doing on property.auchioneer also mentioned tenant had made access difficult to do any repairs.
I bought property and found tenant was at auction bidding to buy it
I did the works required and got a letter off council stating they were satisfied and were closing file.
Tenant signed a six month tenancy in May 2016
Letter from environmental was issued to previous landlord 16 th June 2017
I have contacted tenant to invite them to renew there tenancy as it has expired stating there would also be a rent increase .
Tenant has stated he is only prepared to pay inflation rate.£15 PM
And has also pointed out a new list of problems/repairs and house is in a state of disrepair also stating his rent increase offer because of the condition of proprty.
I am believing this tenant is using repairs to delay any eviction notice.
Can a Tenant keep complaining about repairs to stop eviction notice?
It seems really unfair laws.

Frustrated good landlord

04/12/2017 20:22

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This topic has been locked as no posts have been made within the last 90 days.
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