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Hi All,
after some advice on how to manage a difficult relationship with my tenants.

Tenants moved into the house in September, pretty much since the start our relationship has been difficult. They haven't paid rent on time since they moved in yet they have a list of what they deem repairs that need to be done. To me these are not repairs - they want a new front door because the existing one has a draught, they wanted radiators installed in the bathroom and kitchen (there were none in those rooms when they moved in) etc. We've been trying to manage this in a civil and cooperative manner. My husband installed a radiator in the kitchen a couple of days ago (he's a builder), yesterday tenants sent me photos of broken kitchen tiles around the boiler saying it needs fixing ASAP - implying my husband had done the damage. When we said to them the damage was there when my husband arrived they said it was due to poor design and location of the boiler - a pathetic excuse for causing damage and then trying to blame us.

My big worry - and what I'd really appreciate some advice on - is that we are due to do some work in the garden in the next few weeks. When they moved in we explained we would be laying some slabs in the back garden before the end of the year. They have been on at us about this saying they want it 'top spec'. Obviously we have a budget and plan in mind, my concern is that once we do the work they will complain that they don't like it. What is the best way to mitigate further arguments around this? Before we do the work we will have a chat with them explaining exactly what we plan to do and the style slabs we intend to use. I just know they will say they are not happy with whatever we do and I can't see a way around it that won't be giving in to their demands. They have threatened to with hold rent and legal action before over these 'repairs'. I am concerned they will not pay rent on the basis they are not happy with the work or they will try to find some legal argument about this (is there one?).

Any advice on how to manage the potential fall out would be appreciated.

05/12/2017 08:40

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This topic has been locked as no posts have been made within the last 90 days.
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