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Hello colleagues.
I just had to share this. Today I received a message from M/cr Students Home. MSH are the accommodation web site for all the Uni's in M/cr.
Apparently students are climbing out of upper storey windows in medium- rise flats in order to join friends on roof-tops to engage in social activities requiring lots of alcohol.
MSH are flagging this to their Accredited Landlords so we can install window restrictors & put signage [ risk of /death when climbing out of window] near the enticing windows.
I was lost for words, except 'why should England tremble' when these sirry- iriots are wasting space at the MRI, or at other Casualty Depts?
And LL 's are expected to ensure tnts don't/can't climb out of windows in top-floor flats. Time for Homer Simpson to say 'Doh'.

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05/12/2017 22:08

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