can I charge rent for tenant moving back one year later?

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I am in court on Thursday trying to make the guarantor of a tenant pay 8 months rent for Jan-Aug 2016.

She went to live somewhere else in November 2014 but did not end her tenancy properly. No written notice, no key returned and left many belongings. She continued to visit frequently.

Her original co-tenant had another co-tenant by the time she moved back in fully in December 2015 without my knowledge or permission. I successfully took his guarantor to court for his rent arrears and now I am after hers during this second period.

2017 has been a fantastic year for debt collection but I fear my case here is far from rock solid. The guarantor is fighting hard saying that the tenancy ended in November 2014 and his liability with in her last period at the house she was merely a guest or a trespasser but not a tenant covered by the original ast.

He has given no evidence for ending her tenancy but her main home was clearly elsewhere during 2015.

Having brought the claim I will fight it with my best shot...
Any final thoughts colleagues before I go into battle...

12/12/2017 15:23

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