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Issue with gas boiler repair

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My wife rents a house via a well known letting agency.

In November we were notified that there was a fault with the gas boiler. The agency sent their 'man' around who diagnosed a faulty PCB.

My wife authorised the repair which was carried out and we were told successful. This cost her £300 in parts and labour.

Some weeks late we were told further faults had appeared and the agency man recommended a new boiler due to age which he would be happy to fit for £££.

I arranged to have the gas/heating engineer who looks after our house and my rental property go to the property. He quickly diagnosed the problem and fixed it.

We then got on to the agency to express our dissatisfaction and question the competency of their 'man'. They couldn't have been less interested or supportive of my wife claims.

We then started to dig a little deeper and contacted the tenant directly. Apparently the boiler never worked correctly after the PCB change. She tried to contact the 'man' who changed it but he never returned her calls - he had told her to contact him directly should their be any issues. She told us he was in the property a long time and spent a lot of time googling the fault. In the end she had to contact the agency to report the faults.

We aren't happy with the level of service offered by the agency and their man and want to take this further in an attempt to recover the £300 spent on a PCB which we believe was an incorrect diagnosis.

It would appear that the 'man' undertakes all gas work on behalf of the agency. We aren't convinced of his competency and were wondering what qualification/membership he needs to work on gas appliances and how we can verify these?

27/12/2017 10:01

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This topic has been locked as no posts have been made within the last 90 days.
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