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My tenant appears to have moved out some 3 months ago without any notice but has not surrounded her tenancy.
The councils housing benefit wrote to me mid Oct 2017 (who had been paying me directly) to state they believed she was living elsewhere and were suspending her rent payments to me.
They subsequently paid me at the end of Oct and Nov. without writing further.(i am waiting to see if i will be paid at the end of this month).My first question is ,am i liable to repay these benefits as i was unaware she had moved out and they continued to pay me even after they said they were going to suspend payment?
Secondly,having looked through the window several times and having served notice for a property inspection i entered the property for such purpose and noted all her furniture has been left behind and there is a build up of post.The prepay electricity meter has not been topped up for some time and their are letters from several companies chasing debts. The tenant does respond to mobile phone messages,e-mails or letters (sent to an address i have since established she is living at). My second question is that whilst it appears necessary to submit a claim to the courts for possession of the property , once i obtain the order where do i stand ? IE i still will not get the keys back and the property will still be full of furniture. Can i store it and re-let the property or would i need to get the bailiffs in ? As i understand it they cannot enter the property unless the tenant opens the door and she is not there to do so !! The tenant is also 2 months in rent arrears due to the fact that she has rarely topped up her rent shortfall. A section 21 notice had been served on my tenant in Sept. as i was fed up of lack of communication in trying to obtain these top up's and access for a property inspection and the annual gas test.

28/12/2017 12:22

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This topic has been locked as no posts have been made within the last 90 days.
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