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Hi Colleagues,

Fire Risk Assessment - Apartment Doors

2 Bed Flat - Block Managed, after a recent Fire risk assessment by the Block management co. looks like all apartments owners/ LL's are now being asked to check the Apartment entrance door.

The doors " may not " meet current legislation, we are informed.

The front door is the landlords responsibility hence we need to check the following:

Front Entrance Door need to be fitted with fire rated hinges, smoke seals and self closing devices, Door closing fully unaided.

I appreciate & understand this requirement and will action as recommended but have the management co. not already checked any doors to see if they meet these requirements ?
What is the original installation specification which should be on file ?
Fire rated - HINGES surely all main apartment doors have these fitted as standard ?

I know the management co. & their sister co. do manage some properties in the Block.

Do fire rated door hinges have a BS kite mark / specification ? ( Visible when opened ? )
I will have to check and investigate - the door is a Fire Door it has smoke seals fitted and closes unaided with mechanical arm looks ok to me BUT this is not good enough by my own personal standards i need to find a fully fledged - " Fire Door expert " to check & sign off our door is fit for purpose, it maybe in or out of spec.

Has anyone come across similar requests and how did they manage the situation ?

Google search ...
Fire rated Hinges - Grade 11 ( 60 minute ) ScrewFix I need to check the spec.
Grade & Rating to check correct requirements etc.

Thank you, much appreciated.

28/12/2017 18:29

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This topic has been locked as no posts have been made within the last 90 days.
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