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DPS Deposit Issue

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Lance Foster
Lance Foster
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Dear RLA,

I have had a tenant leave having not paid a single months rent and having been evicted by the bailiffs. I have tried to claim the deposit, but DPS are insisting that the court order needs to be amended to state that the deposit is to be paid to me to clear the arrears. I now have to go back to the court to have the court order amended. This will consume most, if not all, of the £800 deposit that DPS hold. The tenant is not responding to any emails or calls, as I suspect is always the case when people are evicted. This must be the same in a vast majority of cases and I have therefore found that the DPS is not much help in resolving an issue when the previous tenant doesn't respond. In addition, the tenants left the usual mess and the house required some repairs and a deep clean before it was ready to rent. I have the receipts for this work, which is almost as much as the deposit.

Clearly next time I will ensure my solicitor includes the correct statement in the court order, but on this occasion, is there anyway I can resolve this without loosing the deposit?

Surely if the tenant can't be contacted and the money is still in the DPS scheme, does this not automatically go to the person who has a claim against it at some point in the future and if not, where does the money end up?

Any advice is much appreciated.

28/12/2017 20:04

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This topic has been locked as no posts have been made within the last 90 days.
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