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One of our tenants have stopped paying heating and water charges. The supply is communal. The energy supply company send the bills directly to the tenants. As per the terms of the agreement with the energy supply company, if any energy bill is unpaid for the property then the landlord as lease holder will be liable for payment. The energy bill has now accrued to about £1k. Despite numerous promises from the tenants that it will be paid soon, nothing has been paid so far. Landlords have had to make payments as per the contract with energy supply company.
The rent payments has not been regular. There has been delays in rent payment. But there has not been any arrears as such. It is only the energy bills that we are concerned about. Since the supply is communal, it cannot be discontinued.
In this situation, can we serve section 8 notice? If yes, what would be the ground(s) of possession. Would ground 12 be suitable?
Look forward to receiving valuable advice from the members.

03/01/2018 11:33

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This topic has been locked as no posts have been made within the last 90 days.
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