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I took your advice on going to Small Claims for my rent arrears of 1000.00 plus 80.00 Court Costs.Courts received it on the 21st May, and she was deemed to be served on the 26th May but after sending in my claim on the 21st she actually paid us 600.00 on the 23rd May.
I have now received a notice of Defence saying that the amount claimed has been paid.Yes 600.00 has been paid,but that still leaves 480.00 owing from the 23rd May.She has still not left the property and owes us another 220.00 in unpaid rent.(we have an order for poss to vacate the property next Wed,)But on the acknowledgment of service she filled in she states she still owes us 451.88 (No,it is 480.)so I am very confused, one form says she owes nothing the other says she does.
Next on admission form on item 7 Expenses. she says she pays 346.00 per month rent,not since February. 40.00 elec,no way house is all gas and she is out all day,then signed the declaration box at bottom to say its true and offer of payment 10.00 per month.What do I do,can I still claim the 220.00 rent owing on top of 480.00 or not and say she still owes 700 as she did not leave when supposed to?Do I send the form back saying I wish to proceed with the claim as she hasnot signed anything legal to pay us monthly and inform them expenses wrong,she has not paid any rent as she says on form?.Help and arghh

06/06/2007 00:00

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This topic has been locked as no posts have been made within the last 90 days.
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