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I own a 3bedroom flat whicn gets caught under the HMO licensing provisions. It was initially bought as a primary residence but is now rented out and was switched to a buy to let mortgage. However we never got “approval” from the freehold owner. We have an issue where the council has granted a HMO license but the management company acting on behalf of the freehold owner is objecting to the HMO license on the basis that

  1. the lease has been contravened because we didn’t seek prior approval to “sub-let”; and
  2. The lease states that “the property can only be let in its entirety and not in part’”. Apparently this includes renting it out ! How could this be when practically all the flats in the development are being rented out as most are buy to let investors ? Would everyone be contravening their lease then ?

08/01/2018 12:16

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