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Hi, I have posted about these tenants before, happy to say they have gone.

I have posted before regarding my issue and have received help up to this point. So far, my tenant was receiving housing benefit and not passing to me for 5 months. Tenant left after served S21, but really left because so many other final letters being sent. Council no help. I have a guarantor which is husband, and have been warned is a nasty character. The place was left unrecognisable, even the inventor was disgusted, hope to get full amount of bond back from council, but doubt it!

I have contacted Universal Credit and have not had a response as tenant said she blocked it, but it states you can get back rent arrears - not sure if stands if no longer a tenant?

What are my chances of getting back arrears from either party, when i do not know where either live now, through the courts? Although I do have NI numbers. Is the cost and added stress going to outweigh the end result of £0, from what I have read it seems the judges are automatically on the side of the tenant? Where do i even start with a CCJ?

09/01/2018 11:27

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