Nightmare and a Sinking Feeling.

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Issued a Section 21 sometime back and today was the day for the tenant to vacate. Alas they are still in situ. They have not even tried looking for other accommodation since the Section 21 was issued last November, over 2 months ago. This is a family with both adults working, children and an elderly relative. When challenged by the agents looking after things the response is ĎNot our problemí. Why are individuals like this ???? They have a lovely 3 bedroom home with a lovely garden and at a rent of 75% of the going rate for the area.
I am going to the next level now at more cost, £355 plus solicitorís costs plus the dreaded vat. This is my future these people are playing with. Iím a very hard working apprentice and having to look after a poorly father yet when you are down you seem to always meet those that take the @@@@ and put the boot in.
Am I right doing this? Is it worth trying to save a few pounds by putting the forms to the court myself or is it more sensible to keep the solicitor onboard?
I understand the stage after this is should my tenant still be there, rooted like a tree, is to use the bailiffs. I believe that a further £130 plus the wonderful vat. Is that right? When can I engage the bailiffs?

17/01/2018 19:25

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This topic has been locked as no posts have been made within the last 90 days.
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