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Ceredigion Council have requested from me proofs that two of the four students renting a property are indeed students (thus allowing the house exemption from CT).

They have never requested this in previous years and it is not clear why they picked these two tenants. Of course they are the problematic ones! I was able to supply the proof and then the additional proof they demanded within 6 weeks for one of the students because that student was co-operative. The second student has not been co-operative and I have not been able to get from them their student number, certificate etc.

The council has immediately started demanding the council tax and has already sent a reminder notice a few short weeks after demanding the student proofs.

Question is, are they entitled to make that demand since they have not given me a reasonable time to respond to their demands of student proofs?

I have fallen out with the letting agent - she sent a pack of stuff for the students but it did not include the proofs of their being students. I have asked for this but I have no leverage I don't think to get her to send over those proofs.

18/01/2018 14:28

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This topic has been locked as no posts have been made within the last 90 days.
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