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Hello colleagues.
Often there is a question on the Forum re 'Legionnaires Assessments'. Not spelt right I know!
Today I had some EPC's done because they were due again [last 10 years]. Had various outfits doing same over the years, for my own houses & for those I 'oversee'. Today I was very impressed by a guy [recommended by another LL],who also gave me FYI details when he climbed down from lofts. Down to earth guy respectful to tenants which was another boon.
Chatting afterwards I was again impressed by his comprehensive knowledge of LA's & the extent to which he delved whilst on a job. Garden hoses are included & in some cases taken samples of standing water. This is THE most extensive assesment i've heard of.
As said here before my situations of 'no voids' don't require the depth of service this guy offers. Some LL's may need this sort of investigation...after long-term voids.

So for EPC's plus a helpful discussion or LAssts in the Greater M/cr area...this guy is 'the business'. I'd post Noel's dets as an when neccessary to colleagues.
epc was £49.00. I've paid more before. The Report arrived 2 hours after his visit & it also went live. Magic, not used to technicians keeping to appointments.

19/01/2018 18:51

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This topic has been locked as no posts have been made within the last 90 days.
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