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My tenants have contacted through the letting agent to request that ALL the carpets are changed, yes ALL. I have no issue with bedroom carpets as we did not replace them when buying the property 6 years ago. But we did recarpet the remainder, hall stairs landing, dining room and living room.

Tenants are saying that the carpets are dirty and won't clean they have been trying to clean with a vax and not much success. They have been in situ for 2 1/2 year and have actually asked on a couple of occasions to buy the property.

They are I know expreemly house proud people and can be found most weekends washing the windows, they also have at least one cat that we do know of and did agree to (previous tenant had a dog).

So carpets are 6 years old, they are saying they are worn in the major traffic areas and dirty. They are offering to contribute to replacement, which I find odd.

My thoughts are :

1) Are they trying to think of big ticket items so I give in and sell to them
2) Is the carpet acceptable to most people and not them
3) Should they have been washing the carpets themselves anyway without asking
4) When we bought the carpet we didn't;t buy cheap and told it should last 8-10 years easy, put good underlay down too.

I guess i'm just miffed that i'm sitting here looking at my 14 year old carpet in my home that really could do with replacing and I can't imagine theirs is that bad.

So, i've told the agents to earn their money and give advice, to which they said max 5 years for a carpet get them replaced, so I asked them to go out and bring the inspection forward and look at the condition of the carpet and send pictures and a report etc and I would consider.

Obvs if the carpet is unsafe or totally unacceptable then fine i'll replace (those only and not all rooms). Am I being unreasonable? What are the tenants rights? They are good payers and long term renters but I don't want to annoy them, but #2k on carpets is going to take a couple of yrs rent to pay back.

21/01/2018 16:27

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This topic has been locked as no posts have been made within the last 90 days.
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