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Reported Anti Social Behavior.

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Dear Helpdesk

I have been contacted by a housing associated who own a property next door to one of my properties.

The housing association officer has informed me of allegations of ASB from my tenants. (i have copied an email from them at the bottom of this message with full details.

Please, can you advise me what actions I should be taking and what rights/powers I have? From my conversation with the Housing Association, they seem to say that it is my responsibility? is that correct? or is it a civil matter or a matter for the police to deal with? He mentions a civil injunction.. should i be the one having to pay for this or should the neighbor pay for it? i own the house not the tenant!

Just to let you know the tenant was full referenced and checked and came with glowing recommendations before she moved in. she has been at the property about 1.5 years and is now on a periodic AST.

I want to make sure that I am seen to do the correct thing. But i don't want to end up paying fortunes in legal fees etc etc.

thank you for your advice.

Kind regards


EMAIL FROM HOUSING ASSOCIATION: Thank you for your response and taking my follow up call today.

Just to give you a bit more information and in response to our discussion.

Due to the reported threats, harassment and possible criminal behaviour, the use of mediation would not be appropriate in this case. It was also ruled out by our tenant previously.

I will advise Community Safety and Greater Manchester Police that it is your intention to visit within the next 7 days to discuss the case with your tenant. Hopefully your visit and any advice you offer, will hopefully be productive

Needless to say, your tenants will have the right to respond to the reported behaviour, but I am lead to understand that there is a significant number of recording which indicate the behaviour is happening.

It would be my recommendation that they cease the current alleged reported behaviour; furthermore they do not engage with the neighbour in any way. This will include any household members, friends or associates.

In the event that after your contact, the tenant does not respond to you next intervention; I would suggest that it may be necessary to consider possible legal solutions, such as Section 21 or possession application. Whilst these actions will end the tenancy, it may also be necessary to control possible anti-social behaviour during the notice period. With a Section 21 notice, this going to at least 2 months. This may involve the use of a civil injunction, which can be progressed by your solicitor.
I will call you if there any further developments in the current case.

Kind Regards

26/01/2018 09:41

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This topic has been locked as no posts have been made within the last 90 days.
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